Uncover Her Beauty At Our Stores

It’s all about our clients. That’s where you come in, to guide her on her beauty journey. It takes energy and confidence and teamwork. It takes authentic passion…not just about product, but about making a client’s day through teaching, inspiring, and playing—together. It takes skill, which Sephora goes above and beyond to instill in our associates through unparalleled training. You bring the passion, we’ll teach you everything you need to know. Discover the magic inside.

We’re Not A Headquarters. We’re The Field Support Center.

At the FSC, we support our stores in providing the best possible experience for every client. Our North American operations are based in San Francisco, with additional offices in New York, Toronto, and Montreal. Dedicated teams cater to our client’s every need by creating covetable assortments, curated content, compelling storytelling, smart strategy, skillful analysis, expert training, and more. It takes a lot of curious and confident individuals, disrupting the status quo and taking chances. The pace is fast, the fun is furious, and the passion is real. We never rest on our laurels. Our motto? If it’s not broken, fix it.

Delivering A More Beautiful World

It’s one thing to create experiences, but the key is delivering them. Having the right products in the right places at the right times is essential to completing our client’s experience. The 900 passionate employees at our Utah and Maryland distribution centers deliver on our promises. It takes dedicated team players in our distribution centers to put them into our clients’ hands. Our DCs equip our retail teams to inspire, teach, and play. Beauty, delivered.

Why Retail? Glad You Asked.