President and CEO, Sephora Americas

Jean-André Rougeot

Jean-André joined Sephora in 2019 as Chief Executive Officer of Sephora Americas. Not a stranger to the LVMH family, Jean-André joined from Benefit Cosmetics where he spent twelve years as CEO. He has a proven track record as an inspirational leader and successful brand builder in beauty and retail, both in the U.S. and internationally, and knows the North American beauty industry extremely well.  Previously, he was President and CEO of the Coty Division of Coty, Inc. He is a graduate of the ESCP-EAP French Business School and a Baker Scholar from Harvard Business School.

What I Do

I focus on leading Sephora’s incredible team and growth strategies in the America’s in order to maintain our position as the most loved beauty community for our clients.


Why I’m At Sephora

What attracted me to Sephora is that for the last 20 years, Sephora has been breaking all the traditional rules of beauty retailing. I love being a part of that innovative culture, working alongside some of the most talented people in the industry. Sephora’s DNA of breaking the rules gives us the permission and credibility to continue to push the boundaries and revolutionize the beauty industry to bring something new to the client.

Favorite Beauty Insight

My view is that beauty is not about pleasing others, it is first and foremost about feeling good and confident about yourself. Sephora is the place where anyone—independent of race, culture, sexual orientation, lifestyle, age or ability—should feel welcome. Our beauty advisors will never judge you, we will welcome you with open arms and help you feel good and confident about yourself.


What “Inspire Fearlessness” Means To Me

To me, Fearlessness means staying true to our roots and doing what is best for the client, without worrying about what anyone else says. We shouldn’t try to please everyone, we should stay true to who we are and trust that our initiatives, born from our DNA, will excite and drive clients to our stores.

EVP, US Omni Retail

Mary Beth Laughton
Enhancing client experience – online, in store, on mobile…always on point.

Chief Merchandising Officer

Artemis Patrick
Products, products, products. What else is there? The people behind them. Just ask Artemis.

Artemis is responsible for driving product differentiation at Sephora and ensures that every product offered is the newest and best for our clients—and ahead of trend. Since joining Sephora in February 2006, she has served as VP of eCommerce Merchandising for and as VP, General Manager for Sephora inside JCPenney. Artemis began her retail career at DFS Group Limited, the world’s leading luxury retailer catering to the traveling public, and also owned by Sephora’s parent company, LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy). When she’s not working, Artemis loves spending quality time with her husband and five-year-old daughter… preferably on a tropical beach.

What I Do

As the person charged with leading our merchandising and product development teams, I oversee a team of incredible merchants who decide what products and brands are part of Sephora. Together we help to drive how these great products and brand stories come to life.

Why I’m At Sephora

Every day I get to uncover new category growth with our brand partners—and who doesn’t love playing with product? I work with some of the brightest talent in retail! Every day is different, which keeps me on my toes.

Favorite Beauty Insight

In my decade at Sephora, I have learned that good makeup starts with a great canvas. Taking care of your skin is key! No matter how tired I am at night I wash my face with my Clarisonic and use my serum, moisturizer, and eye cream. And a good mask goes a long way. Beauty matters because it helps bring out confidence we all have inside of us. Beauty isn’t about how you look…it’s about how you feel.

What “Inspire Fearlessness” Means To Me

Inspiring fearlessness means giving my team the confidence to take risks and allowing them to make mistakes. We learn just as much (if not more!) from our mistakes as we do from our successes. This ability to take risks is what keeps Sephora constantly innovating.

Chief Operating Officer, Sephora Americas

Satish Malhotra
Solving. Transforming. Enhancing. All in a day’s work for Satish.

Satish joined Sephora in 1999 and during his tenure has supported the business in various roles. He was part of the inaugural dotcom team, working in finance. From there, he led the new Sephora Inside JCPenney (SiJCP) partnership. After many years of leading support roles in the back of the house, Satish was promoted to EVP of LATAM, Canada and SiJCP, operating the front of the house by driving sales and profits to create the best client experience. In 2016, Satish was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, assuming responsibility for Supply Chain, Technology, Strategy, Latin America, and SiJCP.

What I Do
I focus on supporting Sephora’s incredible growth and ensuring we are well positioned to maintain our #1 leadership position in Prestige Beauty.

Why I’m At Sephora
Sephora has shown they care about my professional development by continually offering me opportunities to grow my career within the company. I feel fortunate to be in an organization that encourages my continual learning and where I am able to develop my own teams. I am inspired every day by the talented people that surround me.

Favorite Beauty Insight
My own beauty transformation began in 2006 after attending a training class. I was under the assumption that free radicals were a good thing and believed that my darker skin tone exempted me from applying sunscreen. But that training session, transformed the way I think about skin care. Now my beauty habit is to cleanse and use SPFs in my moisturizer, masks, firming serums, and anti-aging eye creams. I even have a daytime and nighttime routine!

What “Inspire Fearlessness” Means To Me
When I think of inspiring fearlessness, I think of taking bold and calculated risks that push the boundaries of possibilities while leaving you empowered and confident.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Deborah Yeh
Know how awesome and different Sephora is as a brand? That is Deborah’s world.

Deborah and her team keep the Sephora brand experience differentiated and compelling. They bring to life our large-scale marketing campaigns, events, PR, advertising, and loyalty programs. Before she joined Sephora in 2012, Deborah held pioneering positions on the store and digital side at Target and Old Navy. When she’s not secretly shopping our stores to capture client insights, she is at home in San Francisco with her husband and two kids.

What I Do
I work with a talented group of marketing planners, publicists, program managers, designers, and writers to make Sephora one of the most loved brands in retail. Together we build arresting marketing campaigns, sticky loyalty platforms, compelling content, engaging events, and infectious buzz about Sephora’s products and services.

Why I’m At Sephora
I’m passionate about lifelong learning. I’m at Sephora because we’re always trying new things, and I’m inspired by the capable and courageous team around me. I learn new things from them every day.

Favorite Beauty Insight

I didn’t grow up in the beauty industry, but I love it. A very smart person once told me that the #1 rule in marketing is to believe in your offering. It’s so invigorating to participate in an industry full of hope, passion, and innovation. Plus, I never know when I might discover my next “holy grail” product.

What “Inspire Fearlessness” Means To Me

“Inspiring fearlessness” is a potent reminder that what we do for a living goes beyond face value. We should think carefully about the ripple effects of our decisions, yet we can also be optimistic about our impact. Hopefully, when we’re successful, we make someone out there in the world feel absolutely incredible.

Chief People Officer (CPO)

Karalyn Smith
The amazing people of Sephora? They’re what Karalyn thinks about—all day, every day.

Chief Financial Officer

Christophe Le Boterff
The numbers guy who helps make the world more beautiful: Christophe cares how we win.

Christophe joined Sephora in January 2017, but he is no stranger to prestige beauty or the LVMH family (Sephora’s parent company). Most recently, he was the CFO at Benefit Cosmetics where he helped Sephora’s sister brand reach a significant financial goal. Prior to Benefit, Christophe was also the CFO at Celine and Givenchy, the COO at Bliss, and spent several years in Finance leadership with LVMH North America. When Christophe isn’t at the office, he’s traveling with his wife and two children or hiking in either hilly San Francisco or the countryside.

What I Do

I oversee Finance & Loss Prevention across Sephora Americas. My team and I are here to secure financial operations as well as help project and support the growth of the business. I also keep Sephora shareholders informed of our performance.

Why I’m At Sephora

Sephora is constantly evolving and trying new things to further improve our client’s experience in the beauty world. With so much innovation, it’s never a dull moment! As best in class retailer, it is also a unique opportunity to work with amazing teams.

Favorite Beauty Insight

I am a firm believer that a “touch” of make-up, an “ounce” of skincare, and a “spray” of fragrance can not only make you look good but also feel good which leads to the ultimate beauty. You have to go for it! It took me some time to start a daily routine but … I’m catching up!

What “Inspire Fearlessness” Means To Me

It is about inspiring others to take risks and be disruptive in business decisions as well in daily tasks. In my job, it’s providing others evaluations of risks so that they can take bold, but sound, decisions with the best possible insight.

SVP, U.S. Stores

Gregg Ardizone

Gregg oversees U.S. retail stores by leading and motivating store employees. Since joining Sephora in 2001, he has been an advocate for leadership and employee development, contributing to an engaged retail team with strong retention. He has had a long career in retail, coming to Sephora from The Limited and Coach where he was a Regional Manager. When not traveling to San Francisco or visiting stores, Gregg enjoys spending time with his family in Atlanta.

What I Do

I oversee the U.S. stores organization with incredibly talented store leaders and associates. I LOVE what I do! Together we teach, inspire, and play with our clients by offering an unbiased shopping experience in our innovative store environment. I am motivated every single day to advocate for what our store teams need to be even more successful than they already are today.

Why I’m At Sephora

I am at Sephora because I love working for a company that inspires its employees and clients to be fearless. I love our culture and our people, and I am driven every day to champion our core company values. I truly feel lucky to work alongside the best and brightest in the beauty industry.

Favorite Beauty Insight

I am passionate about all things beauty, but if I had to choose one thing it would be to take care of your skin. When you take the time to find the skincare regime that is right for you, it works!

What “Inspire Fearlessness” Means To Me

To me, it means creating an environment where people take risks with a purpose and never settle for the status quo.

Chief Information Officer & Senior VP of Technology

Savio Thattil
Award-winning technology. That’s the beauty of what Savio does at Sephora. 

Senior Vice President of Supply Chain

Mike Racer
Delivering our clients the products they love. That’s Mike’s life at Sephora.

Mike manages the supply chain team. He is responsible for making sure the unique product offering gets to the right customers, at the right time, and in the right quantities. Before Mike joined Sephora in 2011, he helped build a robust supply chain at Orchard Supply Hardware and previously held many supply chain positions at Gap Inc. When not at work, Mike can be found on the golf course, or spending time at home in the East Bay with his wife, three children, and dog.

What I Do

I run supply chain for Sephora which involves all inventory ordering, brand-relationship management, distribution center operations, transportation, store allocation, dotcom order fulfillment, and all reverse flow of product back from stores.

Why I’m At Sephora

I believe work should be fun and Sephora is just that. It allows me to be myself and not take myself too seriously. I’m also very competitive and like to win, and Sephora fosters that competitive spirit in all of us which challenges and inspires me every day. When people ask me where I work, I’m proud to say Sephora. 

Favorite Beauty Insight

The sun is damaging. It took me a while to figure this out (and I probably started way too late), but I’ve realized in the past four years how important sun protection is. My favorite product is FRESH black tea which makes me feel and look young again. 

What “Inspire Fearlessness” Means To Me

Fearlessness to me is how Sephora encourages us to challenge the status quo and look for new and innovative ways to own and run our business. It is also how we develop and empower our people to instill in our clients a sense of confidence that builds their overall self-esteem.

SVP, Sephora Latin America

Flavia Bittencourt

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