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The wearesephora website is edited by SEPHORA, a Société Anonyme under French law, with a share capital of 78 256 500 €, registered under the number 393 712 286 at RCS in Nanterre, Siret n°393 712 286 00078, which registered office is located 65 avenue Edouard Vaillant, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt, France. Tel: +33 1 46 09 34 00 (hereinafter SEPHORA).

Chief Editor: Philippe Canonne

SEPHORA shall make its best efforts ensure that the information posted on this site is correct and up-to-date. SEPHORA reserves the right to correct the site's content at any time and without warning. However, SEPHORA cannot guarantee the correctness, precision, sufficiency or completeness of the information available on this site.

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Conditions of use

Website object

The Website wearesephora (hereinafter the "Website") is an institutional website presenting SEPHORA's activity. It allows SEPHORA to publish job offers at SEPHORA and/or in any of its subsidiaries or company of the LVMH group, and it allows the candidates to apply spontaneously.

The Conditions of Use (hereinafter the "Conditions of Use") shall apply to all Internet Users of the Website, whatever the purpose of the visit may be.

Personal information protection

SEPHORA respects your concerns about the confidentiality of the personal information you submit. This is why SEPHORA informs you on its treatment.

This privacy policy applies to all personal information you submit in you application, any additional information you may supply in relation to your application and any information collected by SEPHORA on this occasion. SEPHORA can share this information with its subsidiaries in charge of job offers or internship offers matching your profile, as well as with any affiliate of the LVMH group which may be interested in your application.

Data collection means

When you register on the Website, SEPHORA collects your personal information through the forms available in the "Apply" section and "my job space" of the Website. Thus, SEPHORA collects your gender, names, surnames, address, ZIP code, telephone number, citizenship, email address IP and connexion data.

When a user goes on the Website's pages, SEPHORA's servers automatically identify the navigator's domain name, the arrival IP address (it is the number identifying each computer connected to the Internet. The IP address is presented as such: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX), the referrer of arrival (search engine or website), time of arrival, page of arrival, departure page, number of pages seen. Our servers memorize the email addresses you might provide when registering.

The Website allows you to share job offers with your relations through a link "Email these job details to a friend". You commit to supply SEPHORA only with third party information which you have been authorized to share beforehand.


The personal data collected by SEPHORA are necessary to allow management of the curriculum vitas after they are uploaded on the Website.

Your information will be used by SEPHORA and/or the subsidiaries at which you apply, or which would obtain your application in order to assess it and communicate with you.

Your personal information can be transferred abroad in the country where SEPHORA's subsidiary or an LVMH affiliate is located. This transfer will comply with the rules applicable to personal data transfer. The SEPHORA group requires that any company that has access to your personal information should treat it confidentially and in a secured way. Access to you information will be limited to SEPHORA's recruiters and/or those of its subsidiaries or of the LVMH group (and some pertaining managers). Your personal information will only be treated by SEPHORA and/or SEPHORA's subsidiaries or the LVMH group exclusively for recruitment purposes.

Right of Access, Opposition and Rectification regarding personal information

SEPHORA is committed to preserving the confidentiality of any information provided online by Internet users.

All personal information that an Internet User transmits to SEPHORA in exchange for the site's services is subject to French legislation (Loi no. 78-17 Informatique et Libertés du 06 janvier 1978).

This legislation allows Internet Users to access, oppose and rectify at any time any personal information by submitting a written notice to the following address:

Protection des données personnelles


Direction des ressources humaines

65, avenue Edouard Vaillant

92100 Boulogne Billancourt


Or by email at:


You may also modify some of your information online by login into your personal account (""My job space"") with your login and password.

Data recipients

The personal information collected through the Website are treated by the SEPHORA group in order to carry out the above-mentioned Goals.

The Internet User is informed that his personal information may be transmitted outside of the European Union. In such case, SEPHORA implements all the measures necessary to ensure that this transfer is compliant with the application French and European regulations (within the meaning of the ""Informatique et libertés"" law and the Directive n°95/46/EC), including by entering into agreements with the concerned entities which are compliant with the standard terms approved by the CNIL and the European Commission.


Cookies make navigation on The Website easier for you, while making it easier for us to manage logins and monitor user traffic. Cookies are text files placed on your computer's hard drive by a web page server. Your computer is probably configured to accept cookies, but you can modify the parameters of your web browser to reject them. We recommend you do this if you are concerned about receiving cookies.

While you visit the Website to search, read, or download information, SEPHORA collects and archives specific ""visitor information"", such as the domain name and host name of the server from which you are accessing the Internet, the Internet protocol (IP) address of the computer you are using, the date and time of your visit, and the URLs through which you were directed to the Website. SEPHORA then uses this information for statistical works to analyze and measure activity on its site in order to improve it for you. All information is then erased after a period of time.

SEPHORA commits to use the information collected through the cookies only the duration necessary to carry out the above-mentioned Goals.

If you do not wish SEPHORA to collect such information, you may refuse cookies by choosing the appropriate settings in your web browser in order to block the collection. Each web browser being different, he/she should refer to its ""Help"" section.

However, some features of the Website may not be used if the Internet User refuses cookies. For more information on cookies and their use, you may refer to the following web page:

Use of data

SEPHORA shall not transfer, sell or rent the collected data to non-affiliates or non-partners, unless you consented to SEPHORA, or if required by the laws and regulations applicable or a court judgement.

If SEPHORA were required by the law or a court judgment to transmit your personal information, SEPHORA will have no obligation to inform you. Given the current state of the technology, SEPHORA cannot guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, or the authenticity of the emails and messages you may receive or send to SEPHORA.

Duration of data storage

Personal information shall be kept for the duration required by the above-mentioned Goals. We strongly recommend that candidates keep their personal information up to date.

Intellectual property rights

The Website as well as any software used in connection with the Website may contain confidential information or information protected by existing intellectual property right legislation or any other law. Hence, unless otherwise indicated, intellectual property rights relating to documents contained on the Website and to each of the elements created for the Website (hereinafter, the ""Content"") are the exclusive property of SEPHORA, given that SEPHORA did not grant any license nor any other right except that of consultation to Internet Users. In particular, trademarks and other intellectual property rights mentioned on the Website are owned by SEPHORA, its affiliates or the respective entities of the LVMH Group or its partners.

Partial or total reproduction of the Content is authorized exclusively for personal and private use. Any reproduction or use of copies for other purposes is explicitly forbidden. In terms of software, it is forbidden to copy, modify, create a derived work, reverse engineer its conception or assembly - or attempt, in any way, to find the source code (except when this is allowed by law), to sell, to grant, to sublicense, to modify or to transfer the Content and in particular the software. It is also forbidden to modify the software or to use a modified version of the software, particularly but not exclusively in order to obtain unauthorized access to the service - or to access the Website through any interface other than that provided by SEPHORA.

Brand and logo

The SEPHORA brand, all other brands and figurative marks, as well as any picture, logotype on the Website shall remain the exclusive property of SEPHORA or of its rightful owner.

It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, modify or use the brands, figurative marks, pictures and logotypes or any other part of the Content without prior written express consent by SEPHORA or of the rightful owner. This is also applicable to all copyrights, designs and patents contained or used by the Website.


The Website may include links to other websites or other Internet sources. SEPHORA cannot control these sites and external sources. Hence, SEPHORA cannot be held responsible for those sites or external sources, and declines any responsibility for the content, advertising, products, services and any other material available on or branching off those sites and external sources. In addition, SEPHORA cannot be held responsible for any damage or losses, true or alleged, deriving from the use or from having trusted the content, or goods and services available on those sites or external sources.

Any link to the Website, or framing, or any other kind of use of a part of the Website must have expressly authorized in writing by SEPHORA. SEPHORA may cancel without cause such authorization at any time. SEPHORA may (i) require all unauthorized links to the Website to be suppressed and (ii) claim damages for the undergone prejudice.


The Website implements a database composed of information pertaining to the applications and the job offers from the SEPHORA group (hereinafter, the ""Database"").

The Database is the exclusive property of SEPHORA.

In accordance with French law, any systematic or substantial retrieval of this data as well as any use other than personal of it is strictly forbidden.


Access and functioning of the Website

The Internet User is responsible for implementing the technological and telecommunication means necessary to access the Website and the required knowledge to use and access the Website. The Internet User shall bear any connexion and equipment costs related to the access and use of the Website.


Internet Users' behaviour

Each Internet User must use the Website in a responsible way and remain courteous to all other web users.

Thus, the Internet User shall not :

- Upload on the  Website, display, send by email, or transmit in any other way material which is illegal, damageable, threatening, offensive, harassing, unlawful, libellous, vulgar, obscene, against good moral, against privacy, obnoxious, or racist ;

- Upload on the Website, display, send by email, or transmit in any other way unsolicited or unauthorized advertising material, ""misleading information"", ""mail chains"" or any other form of solicitation.

- Upload on the  Website, display, send by email, or transmit in any other way any element containing a virus software, or other codes, files or program designed to disrupt, destroy or limit the capacities of a computer program or telecommunication software or device;

- Disrupt or shut down the Website, its servers or the networks connected on the Internet, or violate the requirement, procedures, rules and regulations of Internet linked networks;

- Attempt to disrupt the service for any Internet User, web hosting service provider or network, by any means including, but not limited to, exposing the Website to a virus, creating a saturation, overloading the servers, overloading the email services or tampering the heading or any other line of the TCP/IP protocol in any email;

- Access data not addressed to him/her, access a server / an account without authorisation;

- Attempt to probe, scrutinize or test the defences of a system or network, or to bypass security checks or identification systems without authorisation;

- Impersonate somebody else;

- Carry out or prompt a third party to carry out any illegal activity or other activity which could infringe on the rights of SEPHORA, or of its suppliers, partners, retailers, advertisers,  or other Internet Users;

- Transmit or transfer (by any means) information or software derived from the Website, in particular to foreign nationals in violation of national and international laws.

While acknowledging the global nature of the Internet, the Internet Users commit to respect all the rules and procedures applicable locally and internationally to on-line behaviour, acceptable content, and in particular, laws applicable to technical data transmission.

SEPHORA may, at any time, for any reason and without notice, implement all the necessary means to terminate your use of the Website or any other service for any breach of the Conditions of Use, without prejudice to any damages SEPHORA may claim for such a breach.

Limitation of liability

The Internet User's application will be made available to the recruiters of the SEPHORA group and, if need be, of the LVMH group. However, this does not guarantee that the application will be selected or that the applicant will be asked to take part in a recruitment procedure.

Given the technical hazards pertaining to the Internet, SEPHORA cannot guarantee a continued service on the Website and may not be held liable for discontinuances, discontinuations, dysfunctions, service failures, deterioration, loss or destruction of the Internet User's personal information. The Internet User acknowledges that the service may be disrupted for maintenance operations.

The Website contains information provided by third parties as well as links to other websites which are not checked by SEPHORA for errors or inaccuracies. SEPHORA shall not be held liable for any damage arising from the use, the access to, or the impossibility to use this third party information, or content.

SEPHORA does not make any warranties of any nature, whether implicit or explicit, on any element, including but not limited to, integrity, accuracy, topicality, the absence of counterfeiting, availability, reliability or sufficiency of the information or services provided on the Website, nor as their adequacy to your use of such information or services.

Any claim made by an Internet user must be brought to SEPHORA within 6 (six) months of the event from which the claim arises.



SEPHORA shall have the right to modify and update the Conditions of Use and the Legal Terms without notice. To be informed of such modification or update SEPHORA advises you to visit regularly the webpage containing the Legal Terms and the Conditions of Use. The use of the Website will be subject to the Conditions of use applicable at the time of the visit.


If a provision of the Conditions of Use is or becomes void or illegal because of a change in the applicable laws or regulations, or after a court ruling, that shall not affect the enforceability of the other provisions of the Conditions of Use.

Choici of law and juridiction

The Conditions of Use are governed by French law.

In case of dispute, and in the absence of amicable agreement between the parties, the jurisdiction is given to the competent courts of Nanterre, despite multiple defendant and / or collateral appeal, even for emergency procedures or conservatory measures."