Sephora Stands-Sustainability

Sephora Stands-Sustainability

Sephora’s sustainability journey is guided by the belief that together we can protect and preserve the health and beauty of our planet. 

Sephora China focuses on ‘Green Product, Green Store, and Green Packaging’ to implement the activity of ‘Green Guardian’. We encourage our consumers & staff to practice green actions with green energies in our daily life.

• Green Product - Launched Sephora Collection ‘Good Skin Care’ in October 24th, 2019

• Green Store - Introduced the green standard of store design and construction for energy saving as well as the ‘Beauty Recycling Program’ to build up the ‘Green Store’ image

• Green Packaging – Use recyclable packaging materials and green energy such as E-Truck Delivery in transportation 

We care for you. We care for earth. 



Sephora Stands-Giving



Sephora Stands-Giving



Sephora contributes and connects.
We all have the power to make an impact for the better. And our contributions, whether through time, money, or in-kind donations, unite us with the causes, communities, and people we care about. Let’s change the world together.

‘Smile Action Program’ aims to help babies who have cleft lip and palate in China, specifically for the poor and low-income families. Since 2015, Sephora China has been cooperating with the Future Smile Charitable Foundation to reach those children who need help. So far, we have launched six different charity products in the past few years and donated all the related sales profit to the foundation to help 1,080 children have free surgeries. 

We always commit to ‘Turn on Beauty Power’ for everyone.

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